Stephen Curry and High School Students Teach Powerful Lessons

Watch the 5 Minutes From Home video from Stephen Curry here

I started my day by watching various funny YouTube videos today. But one, which was not entirely funny, really spoke to me

I watched a video from Stephen Curry’s YouTube series 5 Minutes from Home. In this series Curry hosts guests as they ride around Oakland and stop to get a bite to eat. In this particular episode he, and Kevin Durant, surprised three high school students.

What really impressed me about these students is they really opened up about struggles they were experiencing. Almost all of them had multiple family members die close together. They expressed  how it was difficult but how they remained focus and continue to press on. It was really inspiring. It served as a great reminder how resilient the human spirit is. A reminder of how strong I am as a person.

They also talked about team work. Each member of a team has a certain role and all roles are important. What makes the TEAM win, in anything, is if everyone knows and follows their roles.

That part really spoke to me. I continue to feel down at work and struggle to figure out what my next step is. But this part of the video reminded me that I do have a part and whatever my part of the team turns out to be, it is just as important as all the rest. And in the end it is not about myself, it is about the TEAM. If I just focus on myself and my own role, I miss the bigger and more important picture.

Watch the 5 Minutes From Home video from Stephen Curry here

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