Museums can be such a powerful force in their local communities and in creating community. I was moved by this display in the Oakland Museum of California exhibit Queer. California. Visitors were encouraged to share friends, resources, organizations etc that helped them in their journey. Such a moving display of community and a reminder that... Continue Reading →

Collector (Day 17 of Museum 30 Challenge)

Are museums just collectors that display their collected items? We have a group who hosts an event each year at the Computer History Museum. They collect slide rules. It warms my heart to see them all together because it’s a group of people who have found their people ❤️

Maui Day 4 2018

Maui Day 4. Woke up to see the sunrise. Canoed in the morning! Loved the warm water. Enjoyed poke from a food truck that my mom saw on TV 😂 Of course I dragged my family to a museum. This time it was the sugar museum. Ended the night with drinks, food and friends. Maui... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas: The Final Day

Las Vegas 2017 is over 😭. The final day we kept it relaxed: 1) mimosas for breakfast at The Buffet (Bellagio) 2) Did some gambling and lost. Why? Because I didn't play this glorious machine! 3) finally got to pretend to be Nancy from the show WEEDS.  4) the best feeling is always coming home ❤️ 

Las Vegas: Day Two

Vegas Day Two is in the books! 1) visited the Flamingo Hotel. Opened in 1949 by an associate of the mob.  2) Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo  3) Ibis bird at the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo. Sacred bird to the Ancient Egyptians  4) botanical gardens at the Bellagio.  5) Earl of Sandwich. Popular place... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my Las Vegas trip! It was a great day.  Day One in Las Vegas Highlights: 1) Mob Museum! Wall from the St Valentine's Day Massacre. Blood included 2) Golden Gate Hotel. Oldest hotel in Las Vegas. Opened in 1906!  3) Exploring the Las Vegas Strip at night! 4) It's BRITNEY... Continue Reading →

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