How to Stay Sane At Home

The world is in some crazy and uncertain times! With COVID-19 spreading around the world, many areas are in “lock down”/quarantine. This is what Silicon Valley is experiencing. They are encouraging everyone to stay at home and practice social distancing.

I am following the request to quarantine and so are many others. Many restaurants, bars, gyms etc are closed. My work is closed but we are all working remotely.

While just staying home sounds like a dream to me, I know it can be trying on my mental health. I’m sharing what I am doing to stay as sane as possible while stuck at home.

1) Staying hydrated. In general I struggle with drinking enough water and this can continue to be difficult especially when I am just home and not running around. I am paying extra attention to make sure I am staying hydrated. Water is good for the body AND mind.

2) Making a schedule. Left to my own devices I would just sleep all day. Well, I did that yesterday… though sleep is good for you too much sleep is a bad thing. As much as possible I am keeping my daily schedule to keep my mind and body occupied.

3) Get moving. Though I can’t go to the gym my body and mind still need to move. Through Pinterest, I have saved some home works that I will continue to follow. Self Magazine’s Instagram also has ideas for at home workouts that I enjoy.

4) Go (a little) outside. Being cooped up inside can wear on the mind. I’m going on daily walks around my neighborhood to get some fresh air, vitamin D and movement! I will be practicing social distancing while out.

5) Do something you love (at home). Though many of us, including myself, are working from home, make sure to dedicated some time to do something you love at home! All work and no play can be dangerous. Just like all play and no work can be bad.

6) Get dressed. I am a huge fan of my PJs but spending day in and day out in them can have a negative affect on my mental health. I’m getting dressed even when I am staying home to trick my mind into thinking that something is happening. And it can make you feel better in general!

7) Be mindful of what you eat. The food you eat has a profound impact on your mental and physical health. I am paying more attention to the food that I eat to make sure it is good as can be to help keep me focused!

8) Keep your space clean. I feel like I hypocrite for suggesting this since I am not the neatest person, but I am trying now! A clutter space can lead to a cluttered mind. I am doing a little cleaning each day to help keep me focused and in a good space physically and mentally.

I hope these tips are helpful! Tell me in the comments what you are doing to keep sane at home!

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