What You Think About Yourself is the Most Important

This week ended up being a tough week.

Something happened that made me think that others thought of me in a negative light. For a day or two I constantly thought “they must think I am like this” and “they must think I am a horrible person”.

The truth is, we, myself included, will never know 100% how others view us. To try and figure out how others view us would drive each one of us crazy. I need to rest in the fact that I will never know fully. And not knowing is okay.

And in many ways it is not my job, or right, to find out. What is the most important is that I know myself. I know my motives, my intensions and character. Though I am not perfect I know my motives and intensions are good and that I care about others. Those who truly know me, and those that I truly care about, know the true me.

In the end the only thing I know for certain is who I am. If others think differently that is their right. Everyone has an opinon of others and usually these are wrong. I know this from personal experiences.

So think weekend, and next week, I am focusing on myself and reminding myself of who I am truly, regards of what others MAY think of me. I am reminding myself that I just need to be true to myself and in the end those who really want to know me will find the truth about me.

I hope that myself, and others, learn to take comfort in knowing themselves and not to fret on what others MAY think of ourselves.

I am trying to worry about what I can control. And the only thing I can control is my thoughts and actions.

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