Next Trip: Las Vegas

I’m happy to say that I finally have a trip planned that I can look forward to! And that trip is to LAS VEGAS!

I have only been to Las Vegas once in my life and that was when I was in college. It was a quick weekend get away. It also turned out to be your typical Vegas experience: drinking too much.

The main motivation for going to Las Vegas this time around is to see BRITNEY SPEARS! Her Vegas residency ends this year and I have always wanted to see her show! Of course I would wait until the last minute to see her.

I’m also looking forward to experiencing Vegas in a new way. I am over having the trashy nights that lead to hungover days. Obviously there will be drinking, but I also want to experience the old Vegas and explore some hidden treasures that many overlook. I have been enjoying researching and discovering what is out there.

Of course I will be traveling with my sister and my very, good friend Nicole. It is always a good time with them and I have no doubt that this trip will bring more fun and crazy stories to tell!

Picture credit: The Socialite

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