My Favorite True Crime Podcasts

Last night (10/28/18) I was able to see one of my favorite podcasts live! The podcast is called My Favorite Murder, and if you like true crime and comedy you need to check it out.

Talking about murder is a great Halloween celebration. In honor of the show last night, and of course Halloween, I am going to share my favorite true crime podcasts to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Undisclosed. My favorite podcast! This podcast is hosted/run by 3 lawyers who, for each season/series, focuses on one case and dives DEEP. I love learning ALL THE FACTS about a crime/case. I need to know EVERYTHING. If you believe there is no such thing as too much information, this podcast is for you.

Truth and Justice. This is another crime podcasts that goes deep. What is different about this podcast is that Bob, the host, encourages followers/listeners to get involved with the research. He will call out if he needs help with something; he hosts meets up in areas where he is researching and participates in followers’ discussions online. The podcast also follows his investigation in real-time. Usually a podcast episode focuses on the work he did that week or whatever theory, evidence etc he is currently working through. The follow-up episodes focuses on listeners questions which have really helped me understand the cases even deeper.

Somebody Knows Something. This podcasts focuses on cases in Canada. So far the cases have been interesting and I enjoy the story telling of the host and production crew.

Missing and Murdered. This is another podcasts that focuses on cases in Canada. Not only is it focused in Canada, but it shares the cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women. I am thankful for this podcast because it has open my eyes even more to the struggles that Ingenious women, and men, face not only in Canada but also the United States

Accused. This podcast is out of Cincinnati and has two seasons. Like Somebody Knows Something I enjoy the storing telling of the podcast and the cases have been interesting!

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