March for Our Lives 2018

It’s a controversial issues in the United States: gun control. Of course this is what the marches are about today all across the United States

I was going to talk about the issue of gun control, but then I thought why? Majority of people know about the issue, know a little about each “side” of the issue and they probably already have a stance on it. I really doubt that anything I can say can be profound enough to change someone’s mind.

As I reflect on my last sentence I feel bad for writing it. If myself, or anyone else, doesn’t have a profound statement on gun control, or any issues, does that mean that we need to keep our mouth shut and not share our thoughts? Of course not. Everyone needs to share their story, and thoughts, because we never know who is listening to us and who needs to hear exactly what we have to say in the exact  manner as we say it.

My simple take:

gun reform is needed. Exactly how? I don’t know. But common sense, like many people advocate, seems like a good place to start.

not everyone deserves to own a gun. I particularly think of people who have a mental illness (like myself). I don’t think we should not have guns because we will hurt others, but because we are more likely to be a danger to ourselves.

ban the sale of automatic weapons. What everyday, average citizen that is working a 9am-5pm job needs an automatic weapon? No one needs one.

Even though the issue of gun control is controversial, there are aspects of it that I believe can unite people together and show that we are more similar than we think

For example, I would hope that people everywhere would find it inspiring that people are taking a stand for what they believe in. When it can be tough to make a stand, these people are taking the challenge head on.

And what is equally great is they are taking a PEACEFUL stand and not a violent one.

I would also hope people find it inspiring that the YOUTH is leading the way. Yes, it’s sad that students have to fight for their safety, but I admire their passion, leadership and determination. It looks like the future is bright.

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