Death Anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe

“Lord help my poor soul” (alleged last words of Edgar Allan Poe). Yesterday (10/7) marked the 173 year anniversary of Poe’s death. He has shaped my life in many ways. It’s because of him I fell in love with the study of literature and focused on it in college. May his writings continue to live... Continue Reading →

Orange Shirt Day: May We Never Forget

Today I wore an orange shirt for Orange Shirt Day. “On September 30, Orange Shirt Day promotes awareness about the Indian residential school system still impacting Native American communities in the United States and Canada. Known as National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the day honors the children forced into Indian boarding schools” (National Day... Continue Reading →

9/11: May We Never Forget

September 11, 2001. A date that I hope we may never forget. Though the events on that day will never fully go away, each year the raw feelings fade. Each year they get a little dimmer. How can we preserve the history, and lessons, from 9/11? My answer is A MUSEUM. That is why I... Continue Reading →

9/11: Never Forget

I still can't believe that it has been over 10 years since the tragedy that happened in New York City.... like many, I remember where I was and how I heard about the events. I know for many the events of 9/11 are still present. The events are not in the past. They are in... Continue Reading →

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